GEF Seniors Housing is the largest provider of subsidized seniors’ housing in Alberta.

We provide friendly, affordable and secure housing and services to close to 4,000 seniors in Edmonton.

Our vision is to positively influence seniors’ quality of life in everything we do and our mission is to be leaders in friendly, affordable and secure housing and services for seniors.

We offer a wide selection of seniors’ self-contained apartments and lodge accommodations throughout Edmonton, to give seniors more choices of where they want to live.

In 2019, GEF Seniors Housing celebrated 60 years of serving Edmonton seniors.

In 1959, our organization was established under provincial legislation as Greater Edmonton Foundation (GEF). In the 1960s the Alberta government built retirement homes throughout Alberta, called lodges, for low-income seniors. The province continued to build these homes until 1984.

Under an agreement between the City of Edmonton and the Alberta government, the City provided land for the buildings and the provincial government built the lodges. Foundations were established to manage the lodges in one or more municipal districts or counties in the province. The Greater Edmonton Foundation was one of these foundations. In 2012, we changed our name to GEF Seniors Housing.

Since 1959, we have continued working with the community as an active partner in the important work of providing quality housing for seniors in Edmonton and its surrounding communities. Our self-contained apartment buildings and lodges offer accessible, affordable and safe housing in comfortable, supportive environments that promote opportunities for seniors to successfully age in place.

Our values define how we serve and build relationships with our seniors’ community, as well as our workplace family.





Well Being




1959 Year established

540 Employees

46 Edmonton communities

4000 Seniors call GEF home

“To provide seniors with affordable, accessible, and safe housing in comfortable and supportive environments that promote opportunities for them to successfully age in place.”


Quality of Life Philosophy

In support of GEF Seniors Housing’s Vision and Mission, our Guiding Principles include working together to:

  • Promote and respect individual choice, recognizing that each senior has knowledge and experience to be able to determine how best to live their life;
  • Ensure each senior is treated fairly and with dignity, regardless of their age, gender identity, religious belief, ethnicity and culture, sexual orientation, financial means, ability or life experience;
  • Foster opportunities that contribute to promoting one’s well-being by supporting and encouraging each senior to live a healthy, independent life, where their voice is heard and respected;
  • Encourage relationships between seniors, staff, and communities based on respect, kindness, and compassion;
  • Promote accountability by providing each senior with the opportunity and encouragement to take ownership of, participate in, and provide feedback to the community in which they live.

Health, safety and wellness is our priority.

GEF Seniors Housing is committed to the physical and mental health, safety and wellness of each person we are connected with, including our employees, volunteers, tenants, residents, visitors, families and contractors.

As part of our ongoing commitment, we maintain our own comprehensive Health, Safety and Wellness program. Our focus is to always do everything we can to provide a healthy, safe and injury-free environment in each of our communities and buildings.

That commitment starts at the top and is carried throughout our organization. Each January, our CEO issues a Health, Safety and Wellness Statement of Commitment. This commitment includes GEF’s pledge to remain a housing industry leader in best practices for health, safety and wellness. Our program also conforms to all applicable Alberta Occupational Health and Safety legislation.

We are always looking for new ways to ensure we can reduce incidents, injuries and illness in the workplace by finding and eliminating hazards, teaching and coaching employees about safe work practices and procedures, and ensuring all employees and contractors know and understand how each of them is responsible for health and safety.

Safety is a responsibility that is shared by everyone. Employees at all levels of GEF are responsible, accountable and empowered to take action to ensure a healthy, safe and productive work environment.

Management will set an example and provide leadership in health and safety, communicate health and safety policies and procedures, provide relevant training, personal protective equipment, tools and equipment, operations, maintenance procedures and adequate resources to perform the job safely.

Employees and contractors will follow all rules, safe work practices and procedures, and cooperate with GEF in working toward improved health, safety and social wellbeing at work.

Each GEF employee is expected to be familiar with the requirements of the Alberta Occupational Health and Safety legislation as it relates to their work.

The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others

-Mahatma Gandhi