Raymond Swonek, CA, CIHCM

Chief Executive Officer

Raymond is a Chartered Accountant with over 30 years of business experience in Canada, New Zealand and Australia. He has been involved in the Seniors Housing industry since 1997. He has served on the Board of the Alberta Public Housing Administrators’ Association for numerous years. He is the President of the Alberta Seniors & Community Housing Association. He is a Chartered Member of the Chartered Institute of Housing. Raymond is passionate about positively influencing seniors’ quality of life. He loves making a positive difference in the lives of the staff working at GEF and the seniors who make GEF their home.

Dale Forbes, BA (Economics), CRM, CIP, MBA

Chief Operating Officer

Dale has almost 30 years of senior leadership experience in public, not-for-profit and private sector organizations providing comprehensive care services and housing support to adults of all ages in Alberta and Ontario. He has previously served on the Board of the Alberta Continuing Care Association, most recently as Chair. The Association works on behalf of its members to ensure quality of care and quality of life for all Albertans. Dale is unwavering in his commitment to ensuring services provided to older adults are of a high quality and are delivered in a safe, respectful and compassionate manner. A cornerstone of Dale’s career has been his support, promotion, and leadership in creating work environments for staff that positively contribute to their overall health, safety and well-being. As an organization with a strong commitment to Mission—leaders in friendly, affordable, secure housing and service for seniors—GEF’s Mission, Vision and Values are a natural fit for Dale and his commitment to being able to positively impact the lives of our communities’ seniors, now and into the future.

Tracy MacLeod, CPHR

Director of Human Resources

Tracy is a member of the Human Resources Institute of Alberta (HRIA) and holds the designation of Chartered Professional in Human Resources (CPHR). She has over 30 years in the field of Human Resources. Tracy joined GEF in 2005 from Alberta Motor Association where she held the position of Manager of Human Resources for 20 years. She is a board member at Continuing Care Safety Association (CCSA), where she served in 2008 and 2009 and is currently serving another two year term. When asked what Tracy enjoyed about working at GEF, she stated: “It is such a pleasure to work with people in an organization like GEF. Every person that is employed by GEF has one thing in common: they truly care about others.” Tracy can certainly include herself in that comment. She truly embodies the caring nature that we have at GEF and she puts the human touch in Human Resources.

Arlene Mazoleski, CPA, CGA


Arlene joined the GEF team in 2011 and is a Certified General Accountant with over 30 years of experience in both the not-for profit and the public practice sectors. Having worked in not-for-profit for several years and then moving to industry and private practice, Arlene was missing the human component. When asked why she enjoys working at GEF, Arlene stated: “It does my heart good to know my contribution to GEF matters more than just adding to the bottom line. GEF has an incredible network of people, from hard-working front-line staff, to behind the scenes support from various Central Office departments, and clear vision from our Board of Directors.” GEF is proud to have Arlene back in the not-for-profit sector and as part of the GEF family. Arlene enjoys giving back to her community by using her expertise as the Treasurer on the Strathcona Hospital Foundation Board. She is also a member of the Alberta Public Housing Administrators’ Association (APHAA).

Shanika Donalds, MSW, RSW

Director of Client Services

As the Director of Client Services, Shanika is committed to ensuring GEF continues to be a leader in providing quality housing services and supports to tenants and residents. She has experience in several different areas of GEF Seniors Housing operations. Passionate about ensuring that work with seniors is guided by best practices and research, Shanika firmly believes that seniors know best how they want to live their lives and need to be an integral part of any decisions that affect them. With over 15 years of experience in training and educating social workers and front line staff, Shanika has consulted for a variety of international development agencies, leading and implementing social development initiatives at the community level. With a vision of providing the best service for Edmonton seniors, Shanika seeks to ensure that all who call GEF home feel safe and secure, are provided with opportunities to engage meaningfully and enjoy an improved quality of life.

Heather Massel, B.Jour

Director of Marketing & Community Engagement

Heather is a senior communications and media relations professional with more than 20 years of experience, mainly in the public sector and primarily in the provincial government and in education. She is an active member of the International Association of Business Communicators (IABC), and is currently serving on the IABC Edmonton board as its Director of Professional Development. Heather joined the GEF team because she is passionate about advancing GEF’s Mission to positively influence seniors’ quality of life.