Golden Homes

GEF Seniors Housing plans to redevelop the existing Golden Homes complex and rename it Holyrood Terrace.

Holyrood Terrace will be a seniors-friendly, pet friendly and environmentally friendly community for seniors!

We will not rebuild the duplexes that are currently on site. We are applying to have the site re-zoned to RA7, similar to several other existing developments in Holyrood. This zoning would allow us to construct one or more buildings, up to three or four storeys in height, with a total of no more than 50 affordable housing units for seniors.

GEF is holding three rounds of consultations, both with the Holyrood community and the seniors who are currently living in Golden Homes.

The first round of community consultations was held virtually on Wednesday, July 21 from 7 -9 p.m. The Zoom meeting was recorded and we had a great turnout and engagement from the community. Below you can watch the meeting, including the three breakout rooms, where we dove deeper into suggestions and feedback!

Breakout Room 1
Breakout Room 2
Breakout Room 3

If you have any questions, comments or concerns you would like to share regarding the Holyrood Terrace redevelopment, please click here to fill out our feedback survey. The survey will be open until August 3.

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