Community Living for Seniors

GEF Seniors Housing is the largest provider of subsidized seniors’ housing in Alberta, and a registered charity. Our vision is to positively influence seniors’ quality of life in everything we do and our mission is to be leaders in friendly, affordable and secure housing and services for seniors.

We offer a wide selection of seniors’ self-contained apartments and lodge accommodations throughout Edmonton, to give you more choices of where you’d like to live. Our buildings are well-maintained and managed, and we are working hard every day to ensure your building is a place you can be proud to call home. On behalf of our more than 500 employees and close to 4,000 tenants and residents, we extend to you a warm welcome!

80 % of GEF seniors live on less than $2,250 a month

252 new clients that the Community Support team worked with in 2019

14 % of Albertans are seniors

GEF Housing Options Available

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Responsible for cooking your own meals and housekeeping

All of our buildings are well-maintained, safe and affordable. We have a variety of bachelor and one-bedroom suites to choose from. Some of our buildings also have a limited number of two-bedroom units for couples.

Subsidized: Rent 30% of gross monthly income, income criteria required

Affordable: Rosslyn Terrace and Ottewell Terrace – income criteria required; Sakaw Terrace – income criteria may be required

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Housekeeping and meals are provided

When you choose to live in a lodge, you choose to have someone else take care of the cooking and cleaning for you. Your Support Services fee covers three meals per day plus snacks, weekly housekeeping and linen service and a variety of recreational and leisure activities. There is an additional fee for laundry facilities, cable TV and parking. Non-medical staff are available 24 hours a day.

Subsidized: Rent 30% of gross monthly income plus support services fee, income criteria required

Affordable: Sakaw Terrace – income criteria not required

GEF Community Finder

Finding your new forever home can feel challenging, but we are here to help! Our Community Finder will narrow down your search, so you can find your new home more easily. If you are looking for an area of the city, a certain amenity, or even want to know what your rent would roughly look like, we’ve got you covered, with just a few clicks. Get started today!

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Order 16-2021 Announced from Dr. Hinshaw

The Alberta Chief Medical Officer of Heath, Dr. Hinshaw has announced a new Order. Click here to read all the details.

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NEW! Lauderdale Terrace

We're very excited to announce our newest project - the redevelopment of Lauderdale Homes. Click here for updates, progress reports and the latest news!

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Annual Experience Survey

GEF launched its Resident, Tenant and Family Experience Surveys in July 2020. The surveys provide the residents, residents’ families and tenants of GEF Seniors Housing with an opportunity to rate how the organization is doing in key business areas, in addition to being able to express their feelings and opinions. Click to read the full report!

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Current Vacancies

Here, you can view all of the GEF Seniors Housing latest vacancies. Click to find the home that’s waiting for you!

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