Lodge Accommodations

When you choose to live in a lodge, you choose to be with a caring community of friends.  GEF Seniors Housing offers nine Lodges in Edmonton.  Monthly rent is calculated at 30% of your gross monthly income plus the cost of support services.  For a single or handicapped room, support services cost $700 each month and the maximum rent is $1,785 per month.  For couples or a double occupancy room, support services cost $1,180 each month and the maximum rent is $2,200.  Rates are adjusted annually on July 1.

Each of our lodge rooms comes furnished with a single bed, night table, dresser and your own private bathroom.  There is even room for a small lounge area.  You are welcome to bring your own furniture if you desire.

Support services include three meals per day plus snacks, weekly housekeeping and linen service and a daily selection of activities to choose from.  There is an additional fee for laundry facilities, cable TV and parking.  Staff are available twenty-four hours a day.